Brand Transformation

Define your brand truth

Does your brand guide all company strategy? Help employees find purpose in their work? If not, it needs to be transformed. BrandCertain turns company-centric brands governed by margins and marketing into consumer-focused brands driven by value and operational congruency. Ultimately, creating a brand for today and tomorrow requires identifying and clarifying your “singular brand truth.”

Your singular brand truth becomes your cultural compass that defines who you are and who you aren’t, aligns your company purpose with the customer promise, and governs all actions, decisions and operations. Your singular brand truth isn't something that's pulled out of thin air. It's based on objective research in your marketplace.

The BrandCertain Test

Do you really know the answers to these questions?

  • Who do we think we are?
  • Who do our customers think we are?
  • What do customers value the most? Least?
  • Are we headed in the right direction?
  • What is our message?
  • Where can and should we go next?
  • Do our consumers know all that we do and offer?
  • How can we best deliver our message to untapped customers?
  • Should we be one brand or more than one brand?
  • How do we get to our next level?

As we work on defining your brand truth, your business should be able to pass the BrandCertain Test. Once your true brand is dialed in, we'll help you implement it with our Organizational Diagnostics and Alignment process.

Kurt is incredibly detailed, perceptive, focused and analytical... We’ve realized a 25% increase in patients per month since engaging with [BrandCertain].

– Rob Runquist, CEO of CrossWinds Counseling & Wellness