BrandCertain Method


Beyond making money, what does your business stand for? Do you think your consumers would agree with your assessment?

If you aren't on the same page with your consumers, or they don't see your brand as genuine, transparent and solving a problem, they aren't going to choose you over other options. To create real value and encourage spending, businesses must close the gap between who they are and who their consumers need them to be. BrandCertain’s research methods expose the disparities and guide you to your true brand.

What is a true brand? A true brand embraces your originality and authenticity and calibrates it to what your consumers need most. A true brand is built first within your organization and becomes your inner voice, permeating every level of the organization. This ensures every customer experience meets their expectations.

The magic of a true brand is that it aligns your people, processes and policies, and guides your every action, interaction and decision. Making the right choices suddenly becomes easier and focused on what your consumers need you to be.

Our Approach


Define reality

The first thing we do is define your reality. We perform objective, measurable, and accurate research to understand the attitudes that influence your consumers’ and employees’ behaviors. Our research cuts through the noise to reveal the inflection points that become defining moments for your brand. Learn More...


Transform your brand

To transform your business, you need to transform your brand.

At BrandCertain, the hallmark of our process is the creation of your Singular Brand Truth. This is the cultural compass that clarifies who you are and who you aren’t, aligns your company purpose with the customer promise, and governs all actions, decisions, and operations. Learn More...


Align the brand throughout your organization

Utilizing your Singular Brand Truth, we comb through all your organizational processes and policies, and help you map out a strategy for coherence. We believe that brand that must begin internally and resonate at every level of your organization from the board of directors to your cleaning crew. Learn More...


Train your team

Our workshops will provide your team with the tools and processes they need to activate and execute your brand. When your team understands and embraces the brand, it naturally leads to better experiences for customers and prospects. Learn More...

When is it time for a brand transformation?

You're making decisions based on assumptions

You're unsure of how to grow

You're losing customers to a competitor

Your business is saying one thing and doing another

Employees are disengaged

No matter where you’re starting from, we can help you bridge the gap between who you are now and who your consumers need you to be.