Case Studies


Client: ValuNet FIBER


ValuNet FIBER was the first Fiber-Internet and television programming provider in Emporia, KS. BrandCertain was brought in to evolve and elevate ValuNet FIBER's position and message.


Clarify a position that would differentiate ValuNet FIBER from cable and satellite competitors in the market to meet an aggressive goal of increasing its customer base by 2,000 subscribers in one year.

Positioning Research

BrandCertain conducted focus groups with existing customers and a market-wide online survey with customers and non-customers. The key learnings were grounded in the perception that ValuNet's offering was perceived as unconditional, i.e., “always reliable,” “never goes out,” “can always count on it,” etc. Conversely, competitors’ offerings were seen by their customers as conditional, i.e., “I wish it would go out less” or “you can’t always count on it when you need it.” Thus, “always” became the ValuNet FIBER position and one that organically counter-positioned competitors as “sometimes,” creating a simple but powerful position, focus and message and a compass for all identity and marketing strategy.


Valunet FIBER worked with local marketing partner, IM Design Group, to develop a marketing campaign based on the brand positioning. ValuNet FIBER not only met but exceeded its subscriber goal by the end of the year.


(formerly Mental Health Center of East Central Kansas)

Client: Crosswinds


Crosswinds, formerly The Mental Health Center of East Central Kansas, operates counseling facilities in 7 counties in Kansas. They engaged BrandCertain to help them better connect with their communities and the clients who need their help.

Research & Positioning

BrandCertain’s positioning research revealed that general consumers, clients and employees most desired a position rooted in the idea of “teaching everyday people how to cope with everyday problems.” BrandCertain and Crosswinds worked with local marketing agency IM Design Group to create a new visual identity, digital presence and marketing strategy centered around this around this idea.


In 12 months, CrossWinds saw a rapid increase in patient services delivered and community engagement. Below is a direct quote from then CEO Rob Runquist about the impact of our collaboration:

Since we began the recommendations from your work, we are averaging almost 7,000 more services each month than we did in the same time period last year with fewer employees.  We have also been receiving inquiries from people in the community to partner with us that we never had before.  We actually have had to have a couple of meetings to prioritize new projects.  We are certainly hitting the RIGHT people in our area.”Rob Runquist, CEO