Market Research

To be certain

Research is the foundation of our process

Focus Groups


On-site Interviews

We start with objective market research to reveal the disparities between the internal perception of your business and the external perception. Your consumers usually see your brand differently than you do – we'll determine how to close those gaps to create a true and trustworthy brand.

We carefully craft the right questions to gain deep consumer insights. You'll learn the motivations and decision drivers of consumers in your market.

Based in the Kansas City Metro area, BrandCertain provides market research and brand positioning for businesses, organizations, agencies, executives and leaders nationwide.

  • Custom Designed Surveys with Validated Questions
  • Multiple Deployment Options
  • Scientifically Valid Research
  • Detailed Presentation of Findings


Our research provide a deep and detailed understanding of who you are, where you should go and what’s been missing all along.

The research outcomes form the basis of the next step in our process – Brand Transformation – a change in company culture, strategy and direction.

Kurt has decades of experience in qualitative/quantitative research, but more importantly, he understands how to connect the dots with the data to help inform brand strategy. There are many brand strategists who don’t understand research (or can’t help tell a story with the data), and many more research consultants who don’t have a clue about brand. With Kurt, you get the best of both worlds.”

– Dave Weiser, Founder, DW Creative Marketing