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Kurt Bartolich, Kansas City market research and brand expert Kurt Bartolich, market research and brand expert

Kurt Bartolich
Founder, speaker, author, and brand expert

The Power of Certainty

How it can transform your business

What does your business or organization stand for? Do you think your consumers would agree with your assessment? When you know what the gaps are between who you are and who your consumers need you to be, you can tap into the power of your true brand. Because if you aren't on the same page with them, they won’t know why they should choose your company, product or service over any other option.

The magic of a true brand is that it aligns your people, processes, and policies with what your consumers need most. When this happens, your focus becomes clearer, decisions become easier and your bottom-line becomes healthier.

What We Do

Business Transformation through Brand Strategy

Market Research

Research is the foundation of our process. Our consumer insights analysis reveals what your customers can't or won't tell you, and the disparities between what they think and what YOU think. You'll get an accurate view of your business and marketplace.

Brand Transformation

We'll distill our research down to your Singular Brand Truth. This is the cultural compass that clarifies who you are and who you aren’t, and becomes the basis for your business strategy as you move forward.

Organizational Diagnostics

Where are the blind spots in your organization that can derail your brand? To be truly effective and efficient, there must be absolute congruency. We'll perform a thorough diagnostic on your operations, processes, policies and customer interactions to find where your brand isn't aligned.

Speaking & Workshops

We bring brand training to you through our on-site workshops, presentations and seminars. Each session is tailored to the specific needs of each level – from leadership to middle management to employees – to ensure the most effective results.

Comprehensive research. Actionable results.

Unlike other market research firms, our job isn't done once the research is complete. We help you connect all the dots to form a true brand – one that not only resonates with your consumers, but one that can truly transform and grow your business.

It isn’t a creative exercise, it’s a company strategy. Kurt's work becomes the fuel and compass for all things in the entire organization.

– Cory Scheer, former Dean of Admission, William Jewell College

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